It’s Easier to Get There If You Know Where You’re Going

By John Morgan Mullen

Road Map To Tomorrow

A Motivational Book

This informative book creatively provides a technology roadmap that takes you into the future 20-25 years. It is filled with contributions from over 100 Scientific Experts. The information will provide you with their insight into everything from Computers to Robots, from Medical science to Nano Technology from Transportation to Education, from to Employment to Politics and from Entrepreneurial opportunities to Love.
Road Map’s objective is to inform, direct, inspire, shock, scare and prepare. To recommend not dictate, suggest not require and gently provide options, as it’s your future and yours alone to construct however you want. I do not have all the answers. I do however, believe the second best thing to having the answers is knowing who does, or at least, where to find them.
Having an understanding of the technological advancements that are rapidly overtaking our world, will assist in identifying what is in store for your future. This knowledge provides more than simply an educated guess or a shot in the dark, but will deliver to you an outline of the world’s future developments that if you are prepared can change your life. It will give you direct information of where our world technologies are heading. This book will provide you with an invaluable edge needed for success. These life changing advancements offer significant insight into your future.

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by john morgan mullen

Kernels of Knowledge

Brian Tracy, bestselling author of forty-five motivational books indicates, “Kernels of Knowledge shows you how to take complete control of your mind and focus your mental powers on any goal. Change your thinking, change your life!” This inspiring book walks you through the rewarding process of self-discovery. Learn to harness the creative power of dreams, eliminate fear, and define your personal goals. Once you know where you are and understand where you want to be, the how to get there falls into place and you will believe you can fly.
Kernels of Knowledge delves into the power we have within us all and through a mixture of inspiring quotes, a pinch of personal experience, a dash of poetry, and practical, proven advice and strategies.
Our thoughts and dreams are intertwined. Dreams cannot be created without thoughts and our thoughts are useless without bening incorporated into our dreams. Our thoughts define and shape who we are.
Change is risk, but without risk we can never change. Kernels of Knowledge walks you through from where you are to where you want to be, and it establishes your plan on how to achieve your goals. It shows you how to conquer your fears and how—once familiar with your fears and once you understand them—they can no longer paralyze your dreams.

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John Morgan Mullen

John Morgan Mullen owns a real estate development and consulting company specializing in urban infill, adaptive reuse, historic renovations, and community development properties. Morgan has played a major role in the warehouse loft conversion boom and gentrification of many Chicago neighborhoods valued at over $600 million.Morgan attended Michigan State University, where he earned a BA in communication arts. He was a quarterback for Michigan State University on two National Championship teams in 1965 and 1966. Morgan credits athletics for honing and developing his dedication to hard work, leadership, teamwork, developing a game plan, and knowing your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses as well as your own.Married to his college sweetheart Jill since 1967, Morgan has two children, Todd and Stephanie. He and Jill are grandparents to Jake, Brennan, and Hailey.

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